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Rockies Ground Rules

Dugouts: Everything IN PLAY unless ball goes into the dugout. Photographers' areas are considered part of dugout.

Foul Poles: Ball hitting any part of screen area supported by poles down left- or right-field lines: HOME RUN.

Canvas (Tarp): Ball remaining behind or underneath canvas: ONE BASE on pitch, TWO BASES on throw by fielder, TWO BASES on batted ball, otherwise in play. Fielder may make catch standing on canvas.

Right-Field Manual Scoreboard: Ball going through the scoreboard, either on the bounce or the fly: TWO BASES.


  • Left-field line: 347 feet
  • Left-center: 390 feet
  • Center field: 415 feet
  • Right-center: 375 feet
  • Right-field line: 350 feet
  • Height of wall: 8 feet, left-field corner to right-center
  • 14 feet, right-field manual scoreboard