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The Rooftop at Coors Field

Frequently Asked Questions

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General Space Information

What is The Rooftop?
The Rooftop is a new 38,000 square foot destination constructed in the Upper Right field deck, providing stunning panoramic views of Downtown Denver and the Front Range. Tavern Ballpark, CHUBurger Colorado Craft Casual Grill and Jack Daniel's Terrace Bar are three premium bar/eateries featured in this two-tiered area. Fans will also enjoy an urban garden setting, VIP Cabanas, numerous televisions and live pregame entertainment.
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Who can access The Rooftop?
The Rooftop is open to all Coors Field ticketed guests. Therefore, guests do not need to have exclusively a Rooftop ticket to enter the area and enjoy its amenities, subject to private parties and capacity limitations.
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When can guests access The Rooftop?
The Rooftop is open two hours prior to scheduled first pitch on game days, excluding Opening Day. For easy access, Gates A & E will be open two hours prior to scheduled first pitch as well. This area will remain open during the same operating hours as any other location in the ballpark: through the end of the game. The Rooftop is not open during non-game days.
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What gates are best for guests to access The Rooftop?
Gates A & E are open 2 hours prior to scheduled first pitch, the same time The Rooftop opens. Gates B, C, & D are open 1 ½ hours prior to scheduled first pitch. Otherwise, guests can access The Rooftop from anywhere in the ballpark.
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Can guests with disabilities access and enjoy amenities on The Rooftop?
Yes. Guests' closest access to The Rooftop will be from Gate A elevator (Section 105). This elevator gives guests access to both levels of The Rooftop. The next closest access point will be Gate B elevator (Section 111). This elevator gives guests access to only one level of The Rooftop. Additionally, drink rails and eating surfaces are available for those with disabilities as well throughout The Rooftop.
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Is there a customer service center available on The Rooftop?
Yes. There is a customer service/ticketing center at Section 305, across from the Gate A elevator.
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Are there restroom locations on The Rooftop?
There are four locations for restrooms on The Rooftop (Sections 301,309, Terrace 301, and Terrace 309).
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Are there baby changing stations on The Rooftop?
Yes. They are located in the men's and women's lower levels restrooms in section 301.
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Can I smoke on The Rooftop?
No. There is no place on The Rooftop you can smoke. However, the closest smoking section is at 316.
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What is there to do on The Rooftop?
Other than visiting the different concessions, bars, and restaurants on The Rooftop, guests can enjoy different types of entertainment, giveaways, and contests. Guests can be informed of the daily/monthly calendar of events through the following mediums: website, @RoxRooftop Twitter handle, Rockies Facebook, emailing, calling 303-ROCKIES and pregame announcements. Additionally, The Rooftop features Batting Practice specials 2 hours prior to scheduled first pitch. Batting Practice drink specials include the following: $3 12 oz. Coors & Coors Light drafts as well as $6 16 oz. craft beers.
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Ticketing Questions

What is the difference between a regular ticket and a Rooftop ticket?
Rooftop tickets are general admission tickets available for purchase with no assigned seating with a designated amount of concession/merchandise credit on each ticket. All other tickets in the ballpark include assigned seating. Rooftop ticketed guests will have access to first come, first served seating in sections U310-U314, (subject to change).
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How much do tickets cost?
Tickets start at $14, which include $6 in concession and/or merchandise credit (PowerTicket). This concession/merchandise credit is only redeemable for the date printed on the ticket and cannot be transferred. The credit can be redeemed at almost all permanent food and beverages stands in the ballpark that accept credit cards.
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Can groups purchase tickets for The Rooftop?
Yes. Groups can purchase tickets for The Rooftop. All games are currently on-sale.
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Are there group areas on The Rooftop available to reserve?
Yes. There are 3 specific areas you can reserve for your group on The Rooftop (game days only). Call 303-ROCKIES for additional questions and bookings.
  1. i. Rooftop VIP Cabana
    1. Accommodates 40 to 50+ guests
    2. Available from gates (2 hrs. prior to start of game) to end of game
    3. $60 per person (includes $15 in Power - concessions/merchandise credit)
    4. Private Bar Setup
    5. Rooftop GA ticket; open seating available in U310-U314
  2. ii. Jack Daniel's Terrace Loft
    1. Accommodates 40 to 50 guests
    2. Available from gates (2 hrs. prior to start of game) to end of game
    3. $60 per person (includes $15 in Power - concessions/merchandise credit)
    4. Private Bar Setup
    5. Rooftop GA ticket; open seating available in U310-U314
  3. iii. 5280 Rooftop Terrace Picnic Area
    1. Accommodates 200 to 300+ guests
    2. Available from gates (2 hrs. prior to start of game) to first pitch; available for pregame only
    3. Picnic ticket includes pregame buffet & private use of space for 2 hours
    4. $35 per person
    5. Customer must purchase a game ticket in addition to picnic ticket; excludes Rockpile tickets
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The Rooftop Ticketing Information

Food & Beverage

What food and beverage options are there on The Rooftop?
The Rooftop food options are as follows: CHUBurger Colorado Craft Casual Grill (Section 303), Concession Grill (Section 306), Rooftop Portable Grill, and Rooftop Portable Hot Stand. The Rooftop bar options are as follows: Jack Daniel's Terrace Bar (Terrace Level 303-304), Tavern Ballpark (Section 306-308). Alcohol sales will be cut off at the end of the 7th inning similar to the rest of the ballpark.
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Food & Beverage Selections


What is the Tavern Ballpark 1st Inning Home Run Payoff and how does a fan get selected to be a part of Tavern Ballpark first inning feature to have a chance at winning $1000, cash and prizes?
If the Colorado Rockies hit a home run in the bottom of the first inning, a randomly selected guest will receive $1000 cash and prizes. If the Colorado Rockies hit multiple home runs, the guest will still only receive $1000 cash and prizes. Guests need to be inside Tavern Ballpark on The Rooftop fifteen minutes prior to first pitch to have a chance at being selected for this inning feature. An employee of the Colorado Rockies Promotional Team will randomly select a Rockies fan inside Tavern Ballpark to participate in the inning feature. Tavern Ballpark employees or Guest Services employees are not involved in the process whatsoever. The randomly selected guest will be featured during the middle of the first inning, with the rules and objective of the inning feature explained.
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