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Educational Outreach

Make an Impact

The Colorado Rockies Make an Impact program

The Colorado Rockies and CenturyLink bring to you the Colorado Rockies "Make an Impact" Program. This free program brings the excitement of the Colorado Rockies to your school by holding a "Rockies School Rally." This school-wide assembly is designed to entertain students while showing them how to make an impact on their lives and communities by teaching them the importance of staying in school, refusing drugs, getting involved and respect. The 45-minute interactive program, which includes a video presentation, recorded player messages, a visit from Rockies mascot Dinger and prizes for all, is designed for grades K-6. For more information please contact Dallas Davis at 303-312-2373.

Educational Packet

Supplement your lesson plans with the Colorado Rockies Educational Packet, available for all K-12 classrooms. Designed to meet the educational standards set by the department of education, the packet demonstrates the many ways learning can be tied to the game of baseball.

Included in the packet are activities and ideas for the following subjects: Art, English, Geography, Health and Nutrition, History, Math, Music, Science, Speech and Drama. Please contact Reuben Donnelly in the Group Sales Department for additional information, questions and feedback.

Download Educational Packet »
(NOTE: This is a large .pdf file and may take a few minutes to download.)