Executive Officers

Charles K. Monfort, Owner/General Partner

Charlie Monfort, Owner/General Partner is a Club founder and has been one of the Rockies' managing general partners since 1992. Charlie acquired the expansion team's controlling interests on September 2, 1992, and he can frequently be found sitting at his seats near the home dugout, cheering on every pitch along with his fellow Rockies fans.

The Rockies have achieved significant success in recent years, including two postseason appearances in the last four years. The 2009 club was one of four National League teams to reach 90 or more wins, as Colorado entered the playoffs as the League's Wild Card representative for the third time. In 2007, the Rockies earned their first National League Championship and a trip to the World Series. As a result of the team's regular season success, Coors Field has hosted three Division Series games, two League Championship games and two World Series contests since 2007. The fans have shown their support of the team, boosting the attendance totals over the 2.5 million mark in each of the last three seasons. In 2009, the Rockies drew more than 2.7 million fans and in 2010 more than 2.9 million came through the Coors Field gates; it was the largest turnout by Rockies fans since the Club topped 3 million in 2001.

Both Charlie and Dick have strong ties to the state of Colorado and are very active within the community. In September of 2004, The Monfort Family Foundation gave a $10 million dollar gift to The Children's Hospital to help build a new medical facility in Aurora, Colorado. The Oncology Floor of the new hospital was named after Rick Wilson, a cousin of the Monfort Family.

Charlie lends his time to numerous charity organizations and currently serves on the Special Olympics Board of Directors. Charlie's family has operated a major cattle-feeding operation for three generations, and introduced fabrication of beef products in 1959. Based in Greeley, Colorado, the company was operated by the Monforts since the 1930s. Charlie became president of Monfort International Sales Corp., in 1988 and under his guidance the corporation became one of the largest beef exporters in the world, and the leading exporter of beef products to Asia.

Monfort, 51, became president of ConAgra Refrigerated Foods International, Inc., in 1990, which consolidated his company with all of ConAgra's refrigerated foods international companies. In order to concentrate on his leadership role in the Rockies, Charlie resigned as president in late 1997. In January of this year, Charlie and his brother Dick headed an investment group that purchased the Casper Ghosts; the Ghosts are the Rockies affiliate in the Pioneer League.

Born October 30, 1959, Monfort has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Marketing & Business Management from the University of Utah (1982) and served as president of Kappa Sigma Fraternity. He currently serves on the Board of Trustees for Mesa State College in Grand Junction and is a member of the Advisory Board for the University of Utah. Charlie has son Kenny, daughter Ciara and twins, son Lucas and daughter Danica.

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