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2009 Commercials

The Rockies produced five commercials for the 2009 season. The 2007 and 2008 Rockies television campaigns each earned the IDEA Golden Matrix Award for best sports team promotional campaign by a college or professional level franchise.

All five spots will debut on Monday, March 9 in rotation on FSN Rocky Mountain, 9News and various Comcast stations. There are more than 20 Rockies players who appear in the commercials.

 Players Adjust to Home
 Dinger's Other Job
Ever wonder how much of the game stays in the players' heads once they get home to their families? Apparently quite a bit. Dinger does more than just entertain fans at the game. Now that's not to say he's successful at everything else he helps out with around the ballpark.
 Staring Contest
 Athlete Endorsements
The players challenge each other to all of the classic contests during their downtime in the clubhouse. Some players are more successful than others. Players get asked to endorse a lot of products during their careers, and sometimes the resulting commercial can be a little silly.
 Wedding Mound Visit
Ever need a conference at the mound to get through an important situation? If only the Rockies infield were available whenever you needed a little encouragement.  

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