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Rockies 26 Games of Green

Over the course of 26 games this season the Rockies along with media partners FSN Rocky Mountain, 850 KOA and The Denver Post will be enlisting players and fans toward making a positive impact on the environment through the "26 Games of Green" initiative.

The 26 games include all Sunday, Monday and Tuesday games throughout the season except June 22, August 1 and the final homestand in September.

The dates are April 25-27, May 10-11, 16, 25, 30, June 7-8, 13, 20, July 4, 6, 11, 27, August 3, 15, 23-24, 29, Sept 6-7, 12-14.

"Green Packs" will be available for all of the Green Games except August 15. They will be $20 and include two tickets. $5 of each pack sold goes toward the "Wood for Wood" program which plants one tree in the Denver area for every Rockies home run hit during these 26 games.

26 Games of Green


Another way fans can participate in the 26 Games of Green is to take part in the "Bike to the Game" events on the following Sundays:

  • April 25 vs. Marlins
  • May 16 vs. Nationals
  • June 13 vs. Blue Jays
  • July 11 vs. Padres
  • August 29 vs. Dodgers
  • September 12 vs. Dbacks

On these events, park in the special secured lot at 21st and Blake (across from Gate C) to win prizes like watching Rockies Batting Practice from the field, autographed items and Rockies tickets. Green Packs are available for these games.



31 Rockies Home Runs Hit =
31 Trees to Plant

Green Pack Money Raised:
24,521 Green Packs sold = $122,605 raised!