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Rockies Home Run for Kindness

Cheer on these eleven high schools as they rack up their acts of kindness to meet the goal of at least 90 acts, to equal the number of feet from base to base, teaming up to score several HOME RUNS FOR KINDNESS and earning a pregame ceremony for the schools!

You can participate in ROCKIES HOME RUN FOR KINDNESS in one of these 3 ways:

1. If you attend one of these high schools, submit your act of kindness - be sure to include your school's hashtag in your submission! - by clicking here, or on social media on Twitter (@Rockies or @LosRockies using your school's hashtag) or Facebook . Submit by June 1!

Then, check back here, click on your school below to see how close your school is to 90 acts of kindness!

2. If you would like your school to participate now or in the fall, please click here to learn how you can take your acts of kindness to the next level!

The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation can provide Kindness Lesson Plans, guides for starting Kindness Clubs, ideas for acts of kindness and more!

3. If you are a Rockies fan of kindness, we want to hear about your act of kindness too, so click here to submit it, and be sure to include #FanKindness, and we will add you to this web page!

90 Feet, 90 Acts

Participating Schools