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Tweet 20

Tweet 20
Nolan Arenado

@Rockies: Nolan Arenado is here! #RockiesTweet20 begins now!

@MFay5: What's it like to learn from great hitters like Helton, CarGo, and Tulo at such a young age?

Rockies: Great to learn from them because it will help me in the long run because they were in the Majors at my age.

@Tico8: How big was your family in helping you achieve your goal of making it to the big leagues?

@Rockies: Family has been very important for me to get here. They've sacrificed a lot (money and time).

@BowssModeGaming: Do you play video games?

@Rockies: Yes, I play video games. NBA 2K, Call of Duty are a couple of my top.

@Paigegenelin, @kaymayzoesch: Nolan Arenado, do u have a girlfriend? Cuz I'll gladly volunteer to be yours if you need one ;)

@Rockies: Yes I do have a girlfriend.

@nictulin5: Nolan! What are some if your favorite musicians or rappers?

@Rockies: Some of my favorite musicians are Red Hot Chile Peppers, Rage Agains the Machine, Kanye, etc. I like a lot of stuff.

@vrroman: Your fans need a nickname for you. Any suggestions?

@Rockies: Don't really have a nickname yet. How about you come up with one. Any ideas?

@rockiesrule17: Nolan, do you have any special pre-game routines that you do? What do you do to prepare for a game every day?

@Rockies: I have a few things I like to do before games: blast music in the locker room and drink a protein shake.

@DougR4FSU, @J_Frenzel14: Hey Nolan, what's the biggest adjustment you had to make from AAA to MLB?

@Rockies: Biggest adjustment from the Minors to Majors has been with pitching, knowing pitchers & consistency of pitchers.

@Jordan_Ebner14: Other than baseball, what are other sports you like to play/watch?

@Rockies: Aside from baseball, I'm a big basketball fan.

@drumstick342: Nolan, which player did you idolize growing up?

@Rockies: Growing up I always liked watching A-Rod, Jeter, Pujols. Liked a bunch of players, tried to learn different things from them.

@Rockies: I have time for a few more questions, #Rockies fans. We'll keep scrolling through them.

@kabanex, @touch_19760329: Nolan, why don't you have an Instagram or Twitter?

@Rockies: I never thought about having a Twitter or Instagram. I'm lazy with my phone and wouldn't post anything anyway.

@akconvey97, @sports_lover_13, @KTAPS78: What's ur favorite part about playing for colorado?

@Rockies: The Rockies organization is great. Great support system & do everything to help us succeed.

@ojeda_jessika: How do you manage to stay calm at the plate and not try and do too much?

@Rockies: To stay calm at the plate, I try to take deep breaths and stick with my gameplan.

@Rockies: Last question before I have to take off and get ready for the game tonight...

@tatianarolf: Nolan! Can I get an autograph from you tomorrow at the game? It's my 21st birthday!!

@Rockies: First of all, Happy Birthday! I will try to give you an autograph if I can. Thanks for your support!

@KyleBrandyberry: What has been your favorite memory in the majors so far?

@Rockies: One last answer: Best moment of my career was playing at Dodger Stadium in front of family & friends. Or the grand slam!

@Rockies: Thanks for having me on Twitter today. I have to head back down to the clubhouse to get ready for the game. Thanks for your support!