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Tweet 20

Tweet 20 April 22:
Dante Bichette, Rockies legend

@Rockies: #Rockies Blake St. Bomber Dante Bichette here to answer some questions.

@krklemm: What is your favorite memory of playing in Denver?

@Rockies: My favorite memory was opening game at Coors Field vs. Mets. 14th inning game-winning HR.

@padilla29: Is there anything about the game that has changed in your eyes? Has it gotten faster?

@Rockies: Not sure it's gotten faster, but I believe that, thanks to drug testing, the game has gotten back to fundamental baseball... More pitching, defense and good
hitting, not just HR hitting. Which is all a good, good thing.

Dante Bichette @jeffwhansen: Who can grow a sweeter mullet? You or Tulowitzki?

@Rockies: Right now definitely Tulo. 'Cause I can barely grow anything.

@Axcellent33: You're my favorite all time player along with Larry Walker. Your best memories playing with him?

@Rockies: Favorite memory with Larry was after winning Wild Card in '95, he and I were standing on top of the stadium signing autographsÂ…Fans were throwing their stuff to us, and we just threw it back. It was just the 2 of us.

@jelam1: Any chance for a coaching job here? I'd love to see you in a Rockies jersey again!

@Rockies: I just threw BP for Rockies, and I just show up
here and there. I appreciate them inviting me here for this.

@sam_kissel: How did it feel hitting the home run that hit the left field scoreboard?

@Rockies: Hitting home runs always felt good, no matter what they hit. But that one is a good memory.

@kyleschristians: Will we ever see a line up that hits like the Blake Street Bombers again?

@Rockies: It was fun being a part of that lineup and seeing the fear of pitchers coming into Denver every night.

@BestaTimes: How did you feel watching the #Rockies in the World Series?

@Rockies: Because I was a part of the original Rockies, it was a proud moment watching Rox in WS.

@mjflick25: What are you doing with your life now Mr. Bichette sir?

@Rockies: I retired to raise my boys. Doing a little roving hitting instructing. On the baseball field almost every day with my boys.

@NVUS_303: Who would win, all in your prime, in a #Homerun Derby at Coors Field: Larry Walker, The Big Cat or you?

@Rockies: A HR derby between me, Big Cat and Larry. I won one we had at Coors Field with Castilla too. Hit 9 of 10 out.

@captainprad: How many baseball games do you think you attend in a year?

@Rockies: I am at a ballgame on average of about 6-7 games a week at least, every week. Lots of weekend doubleheaders.

@Rockies: Thank you #Rockies fans for the kind comments and questions. I'll see you around.