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Tweet 20

Tweet 20 August 16:
Charlie Blackmon, Outfielder

@Rockies: #Rockies OF Charlie Blackmon is ready to take your tweets, beard, scooter and all. [Photo of Charlie in clubhouse, riding scooter for broken foot]

@Mandy_wins: Hey Charlie- can we call you Chuck?

@Mandy_wins: What besides your 1st home run ball do you keep in that "box of cool stuff"?!

@Rockies: Sure, you can call me Chuck, but I like to call myself 'Chuck Nazty' but it hasnt caught on yet.

@Rockies: My box of cool stuff contains my 1st HR ball, and a bunch of other secret stuff that wouldnt be cool if i told you.

Charlie Blackmon @tanyamilam: what are your plans for the off season?

@Rockies: This offseason I'm going back to GT to finish my degree in Finance. Im also guna crush weights.

@Megoluvbug: what's the coolest thing that you have ever been given by a fan?

@Rockies: Coolest thing from fan: A little girl drew me a picture and I put it in my pocket that game and went 4-4 that night, 6/17.

@calbeach95: So exciting 2 watch Charlie play-r new fave player-Do u hear the fans when ur @bat? Motivating or nerve wracking?

@Rockies: Yes, i love hearing the fans scream. Helps me lock into my at-bat. I like hearing the fans do: "toniiiiiiiiiiiiiiight".

@JabroniUNM: What's the hardest thing about being on the DL?

@Rockies: Hardest thing about being on the DL is entertaining myself at home when team is on the road. and balancing on my scooter.

@StevenScurlock: Charlie, what is your favorite animal?

@Rockies: A Liger. Duh. [Photo of Liger from Napoleon Dynamite]

@Axellent33: What's your strongest asset, power, contact, speed or defense?

@Rockies: My strongest asset is my sick beard, and the 'party' (my hair) that hangs out the back of my hat.

@bdherrera: RT @ashleetripp: tell Chuck Nazty to get a twitter if he's bored!

@Rockies: if @ChuckNazty is available I might have to get a Twitter account.

@kamsma98: My 4yo daughter Makenna loves you, and wants to know what your favorite color is. :)

@Rockies: Favorite color is turquoise....see scooter in picture...and shirt.

@mmontano81: What is your favorite hot dog topping?

@Rockies: Favorite hot dog topping...Chili-cheese, if they're stuck together it counts as one topping.

@Chris18Shine: Charlie, your hair is feathered and lethal. How do u do it? Haha

@Rockies: I just roll out of bed, look in the mirror and all I see is greatness.

@Duchenefan9: Charlie, what's your favorite movie?

@Rockies: Favorite movie: Top Gun or Mortal Combat....Test your might, Liu Kang vs. Goose who wins?

@ashleetripp: Chuck Nazty what size @RockNation1993 t-shirt would you like? We'll get you hooked up!

@Rockies: Extra-buff...I mean extra-large.

@kamsma98: Hey Charlie, Do you have any pregame rituals, or anything that brings you luck when you play? We miss you!!!!

@Rockies: Pregame rituals include: Peanut Butter sandwich. Extra crunchy.

@Rockies: #Rockies fans, thanks for joining our #RockiesTweet20. You've inspired Charlie to join twitter. @Chuck_Nazty.