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Tweet 20

Tweet 20

@Rockies: Here we go...#RoxTweet20 with @Tylercolvin21

@derhanderhan: What are your personal goals for this season?

@Rockies: @derhanderhan: Personal goals for 2013: have good ABs when I'm out there & help team win.

@AtkinsNCBrewfan: What is your favorite MLB city to play in, besides Coors Field.

@Rockies: @AtkinsNCBrewfan: I like to visit ATL bc my family gets to come; great to see them. And PIT bc my wife's family gets to come. #RoxTweet20

@JohnnyH124: What was your time like as a Cub?

@Rockies: @JohnnyH124: I enjoyed my time with #Cubs, but I love being here as a Rockie. Good memories for both teams.

@RoxFan55: What are the keys to preparing and delivering as a pinch hitter?

@Rockies: @RoxFan55: Coming off bench: have to stay loose, stretch a lot and hit off the machine to get ready to see some live action.

@DoodySnyder: Where is your favorite fishing spot?

@Rockies: @DoodySnyder: Don't want to divulge my favorite fishing spot. It's my secret place.

@DoodySnyder: What was your favorite subject in high school?

@Rockies: @DoodySnyder: Favorite subject in HS was obviously your class Miss Snyder!

@feetinmyshoes: What's your favorite restaurant in Denver?

@Rockies: @feetinmyshoes: Favorite place to eat in Denver is Mt. Fuji, the Japanese steakhouse. They deliver!

@bamawhinney: What would you say are the team's goals by the All-Star Break?

@Rockies: @bamawhinney: Team goals by ASG: win close games & be in hunt.

@stuartatkins: What can we do as fans to support you better?

@Rockies: @stuartatkins: Don't really have any suggestions for our fans because they do a great job supporting me and the team.

@jordybond: What's your favorite Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle?

@Rockies: @jordybond: Favorite Ninja Turtle? Probably the nun-chuck guy, Michelangelo.

@sholomjaeger: What do you see as your primary position/role on the team this year?

@Rockies: @sholomjaeger: In terms of my position, it's still early in Spring Training & we'll see how it shakes out.

@lengthwise: What are you going to use as your walk-up song this year?

@Rockies: @lengthwise & @JorgeV_CR: I like all music. Had @MyMorningJacket as walk-up song last year & may again. Stay tuned.

@rzerowill: I'm coming to Salt River Fields next week, excited to watch you and the Rockies play!

@Rockies: @rzerowill & @TMoney_8: Looking forward to it. See you soon & thanks for all your support!

@Rockies: Gotta head home now everyone. First game tomorrow. Thanks for all your support!