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Tweet 20

Tweet 20 March 25 - 7 days to Opening Day:
Matt Daley, Pitcher

@Rockies: #Rockies Matt Daley is ready for #RockiesTweet20! First question coming up now...

@hellomeowkitty: How/where do you spend the off season? And what are you most looking forward to in 2011?

@Rockies: Was in Denver working out at Coors. Most ready for season to start and play some real games!

@Nuggetsfan4life: Who were your baseball idols growing up?

@Rockies: My baseball idols growing up were: John Franco, Al Leiter and Darryl Strawberry. U can tell I was a big Mets fan.

Matt Daley @Casemiester: Do you miss the backpack? I think you should continue to rock it.

@Rockies: I actually do miss the backpack, I know the fans got a kick out of it. Maybe I'll bring it back at some point in 2011.

@arozansky: My son & 4 Denver School of Science & Tech teammates on their way to see last week of Spr Trng - any tips for them?

@Rockies: My tip to kids in baseball is to always make sure you have fun, and remember that it is a game.

Axcellent33: Toughest hitter you've had to face and toughest team to beat within the division?

@Rockies: Toughest hitter for me to face has been Russell Martin, so I am real glad he is in the AL now.

@EKondrick5: Do you have any nicknames?

@Rockies: The only nickname I have is Dales, pretty boring, U have one for me?

@winterwyo: When you were a Casper Rockies player I got one of your cards. How do I get you to sign it?

@Rockies: I've seen that photo before it's awesome, don't have it. Can you please send it to me: 2001 Blake St. Denver, CO 80205

@kaleenareena: what sort of time killing games are played in the pen?

@Rockies: One game we play is we flick sunflower seeds and see who can get it closest to the cut of the outfield grass.

@Axellent33: The "Matts", Lindstrom, Belisle, Reynolds and Daley. Best bullpen in baseball?

@Rockies: Couldn't agree more!

@JabroniUNM: Oddest thing a fan has yelled at you?

@Rockies: The cat calls I get for wearing the pink backpack get pretty rowdy sometimes.

@xtina11179: Do you have any quirky "rituals" to mentally prepare you for a game??

@Rockies: I have to have a banana with peanut butter before the game starts.

@kaleenareena: Who would you say you are closest to on the team?

@Rockies: Apodaca always calls Huston and I Frick and Frack...

@BestaTimes: What has been the most memorable game for you with the #Rockies?

@Rockies: My most memorable game was easily my first appearance in the bigs. Hopefully a world series app. will replace that!

@Rockies: Thanks #Rockies fans, I have to get ready for today's workout here in Scottsdale. Go #Rockies.