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Tweet 20

Tweet 20 March 27 - 5 days to Opening Day:
Keith Dugger, Rockies Head Athletic Trainer

@Rockies: #RockiesTweet20 is starting now with Keith Dugger, Head Athletic Trainer

@karlsatrum: Do you have a most memorable injury on the field?

@Rockies: My most memorable injury is definitely Matt Holiday sliding into home in play-in game in '07…He didn't allow training staff to enjoy the feeling of going to the postseason very much...but he was okay, and that's most important.

@mjflick25: I'm a sports medicine student at CSU, can i work for you?! I've got my resume ready!

Keith Dugger @Rockies: All my positions are filled. We take interns through Professional Baseball Athletic Trainers Society (PBATS). Go online.

@Tulo92: How has the team looked health wise?

@Rockies: Team is in a good place right now, playing hard with high energy. Trying to make it through last few days healthy.

@Tulowitzki2: Is it true push ups and pull ups bulk u up fast with LOTS OF MUSCLE?

@Rockies: If you don't have access to weights, push ups and pull ups, if no injury history, are good exercises to do.

@RoxFan97: What is the most common injury throughout the course of the year?

@Rockies: Our most common injuries are overuse injuries, such as tendinitis, muscle strains and sprains.

@jefe_13: What's the scariest onfield injury you've had to attend to?

@Rockies: Craziest I have had was when a fan dislocated his knee during on-field fly ball promo. I had to reduce dislocation… And transport him to the hospital. 5 surgeries later he was normal. Other than that, any collision scares me to death.

@AVaujhan: What have you and Helton been working on this off season to get him in prime form for the summer?

@Rockies: Todd took it upon himself to work extra hard to work on his core and back stabilization exercises… Todd regained a lot of his leg strength by working extra hard on the lower-half of his body.

@BTroudt: What courses do you suggest for aspiring trainers to take in high school/college?

@Rockies: Definitely take and understand Anatomy and Physiology and entry level athletic training course.

@csmith3168: Do u have any special plans to avoid so many injuries this season or was last year a rarity?

@Rockies: Unfortunately baseball is a sport in which we can't control factor of the game. We had a lot of freak injuries last year… Players are in great shape right now coming out of Spring Training and ready to start season healthy.

@RoxFan97: How do you decide if you or Mr. Gehret go to the field to check on a player?

@Rockies: If I am in the dugout, I am always the responder. Usually in beginning of game I do admin. work and Scotty G. covers.

@jasonbrandt3: P90X or Insanity?

@Rockies: Combination.

@csmith3168: Do u have suggestions for elbow pain when throwing a baseball a lot?

@Rockies: If pain persists more than 2 days with rest you should get an evaluation by a Professional… Pain can also be the cause of improper throwing mechanics, so talk to coach as well.

@JulianValentin: What was it like to be with Matt Holliday after he slid home in the tiebreaker in ' 07?

@Rockies: It was chaotic. I had to bring Matt into clubhouse to make sure he wasn't concussed or had any serious injuries.

@OUTCASTFOREVER: Please define "freak injuries." To me a injury is a injury.

@Rockies: Freak as in, injuries that you cannot prevent, ex: fractures from pitched or hit balls etc...

@Rockies: Thank you #Rockies fans for the opportunity to answer your questions. See you at Coors Field.