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Tweet 20

Tweet 20 March 30 - 2 days to Opening Day:
Jason Fleming, Rockies Director of Promotions and Special Events

@Rockies: #RockiesTweet20 with Director of Promotions & Special Events Jason Fleming begins in 2 minutes!

@JNI_Denver: What promotions are you running for Opening Day? Any giveaways?

@Rockies: Opening Day promo is Frontier Airlines magnet schedules & card to all fans. Opening Day Fest on 21st and BlakeĀ…from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm. with Opie Gone Bad at 11 and Los Lonely Boys at 12:15 and ROOT SPORTS pregame show at 12:30.

@wjanz: Why was the promotion schedule taken off the website? When will it be back up?

Jason Fleming @Rockies: We're as anxious as you are to get the schedule back up on the site. Working with to make it happen soon.

@will_e_777: Will there be any bobblehead giveaways this year?

@Rockies: There will be 3 bobbleheads, spread throughout the year. Ubaldo, April 17. Cargo, June 10. Tulo, Aug. 20. (Visit @Rockies for a picture of the bobbleheads)

@thedrewmud: Any chance you can give me some tix to opening day?

@Rockies: We're excited because we've sold out the quickest we've ever sold out before!

@Alexgold5: Will the city of Denver and the Rockies get together for promotions? 16th Street Mall and Houston Street #16. That's promo ready!

@Rockies: Love the 16th St Mall/Huston Street idea. We'll get Corporate Sales on that right away!

@wyomingfireman: Last year I attended the Fireman Appreciation game on 9/11. Will you be doing the same this year?

@Rockies: Absolutely! Fireman Appreciation day is a tradition and we do our best to honor our first respondersĀ…Opening Day: it's also tradition to honor all the brave men & women serving in our military. Flag, fireworks, flyovers!

@Jdirty303: I'm a hip hop artist, how would I go about getting to perform the national anthem or 7th inning stretch at a game?

@Rockies: For anthems, we love new artists. Send us a tape to Coors Field, we fill up fast!

@tulo92: What does it feel like to be able to organize such amazing events each year?

@Rockies: I truly am living the dream; I come to the park for work and get to do all the fun stuff too!

@pennstatephil: What promotion are you personally most excited about?

@Rockies: Most excited about Fireworks Nights and Faith Day. Can't wait for Rocktober!

@dtothalow: Promos?

@Rockies: Yes. Also come to Coors Field all Opening Day weekend to give to Japan Relief Fund. Exit collection to help those in need.

@KCCAJohnson4: When are the Fireworks Games?

@Rockies: Fireworks games are July 1 & 2 and September 16.

@jasonbrandt3: Who's performing on Faith Day?

@Rockies: Casting Crowns is our performer this year for Faith Day.

@pennstatephil: What new promotions do you have that you're excited about?

@Rockies: New promos: Mini-U Storage "U Make a Deal," "Rock the Rushmore Rockpile," Fitzgerald's "Lucky Row Giveaway," "Camarena Macarena," Coca-Cola Grounds Crew challenge, all your old favorites and many more!

@ksdubbs: When is Faith Day?

@Rockies: Faith Day is August 21.

@Rockies: Hope to see you at Coors Field this year! Come early for Opening Day to enjoy all the festivities!!