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Tweet 20

Tweet 20 March 23 - 9 days to Opening Day:
Dexter Fowler, outfielder

@Rockies: #RockiesTweet20 starts now with #Rockies OF Dexter Fowler. Send your questions along to @Rockies or #RockiesTweet20 and Dexter will answer!

@spleentim: Would you rather start the season with 10 road games and finish with 10 at home, or the reverse, starting at home?

@Rockies: I'd rather begin on the road and finish home because during the playoff push we'd rather play at home.

@Nuggestsfanforlife: What's your favorite park to play at besides Coors Field?

Dexter Fowler @Rockies: My favorite park away from Coors Field is Dodger Stadium because it's always a good game and the stars in the stands

@PoseidonsFist: Do you prefer hitting second or leadoff?

@Rockies: It doesn't matter to me anymore, I'll hit wherever Skipper puts me in the lineup.

@Axellent33: What's your main focus this spring? Improving speed, defense, contact or power?

@Rockies: All of the above. Once you try to concentrate on one you'll need to work on the other next.

@BenJHilmer: What's your favorite place to eat in the Mile High City?

@Rockies: Favorite place to eat: Del Frisco's south of downtown.

@NikkiLovesCO: What is the team's greatest strength and weakness at the moment?

@Rockies: Strength-We have all everyday players. Weakness-Getting the players in, with so much talent it's hard to get everyone in

@kiranapoleon: How many bases are you going to steal this year? :)

@Rockies: My goal is set at 40, but if I don't reach that and we win, then my goal is still accomplished.

@bodemuro: Who is the toughest pitcher you've faced.

@Rockies: Toughest Pitcher-Kevin Correia (SD). Seems like I'm 0-for-12 or 13 against him.

@Axellent33: Who's your best friend inside the roster?

@Rockies: If I had to choose, I'd say EY Jr. We've been playing together since I've been with the Rockies, he's like my brother.

@wyoclone: Favorite MLB team and player(s) growing up?

@Rockies: Favorite Team & Player- I loved the Mariners. And Griffey Jr. was definitely my favorite...hence why I wear #24.

@jgeib22: How do you like the new training facilities at Salt River Fields?

@Rockies: State of the I've ever seen. From weight room to clubhouse to field, hands down best facility.

@roxfan00: Have you ever pitched before?

@Rockies: I used to pitch a lot. The last time was in 9th grade when I pitched and played center.

@tray919: What other sports do you like?

@Rockies: Basketball. Football. Golf. I try to get to Nuggets games every chance I get.

@guyindenver: Do you have any superstitions? No gold thong, right?

@Rockies: No superstitions. I'm sure I have some, I just don't realize it!

@mjflick25: Who is looking to be your biggest competition in the NL West?

@Rockies: Obviously the Giants, they are the defending World Champions. The Dodgers too, we always have a tough time beating them.

@Garrett_Fitz: What is worse: running into the outfield wall or getting hit by a mid 90s fastball?

@Rockies: Running into the wall for sure, your whole body hurts after that.

@WillRyan2: Your thoughts on the CarGo-Tulo 3-4 punch? Most dangerous in baseball?

@Rockies: Most dangerous for sure. I love hitting in front of those guys and being able to watch them every day.

@davidadambecker: When you made the jump from Double-A to the bigs a couple years ago, how did it make you feel? Excited, nervous, both?

@Rockies: A little of both. Obviously nervous, I had been waiting my whole life for it, but I was prepared and excited as well.

@EKondrick5: What is the best fan sign you have seen?

@Rockies: I can't choose one. There have been some good one's over the years but nothing that really stood out for me.

@xtina11179: I just love the "brotherhood" you all have seemed to form with one another!! Is it legit?

@Rockies: For sure, we're like a family. We play together every day for 8, 9 months. We're definitely all like brothers.

@CentralCaliRox: What do you like most about the Rockies as a franchise?

@Rockies: Best thing about Rockies-How close everyone is. It's definitely like a family, we all get along very well.

@Okie_Son: I was at the Drillers opening night in 2009 when you belted two HRs. What is your most memorable HR?

@Rockies: Most memorable HR-Against St. Louis last year to tie the game at Coors Field. That was a rush!

@Rockies: That's all we have for #RockiesTweet20 with OF Dexter Fowler. Thank you for your questions!