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Tweet 20

Tweet 20
Christian Friedrich

@Rockies: Let's kick off the most recent edition of #RockiesTweet20 with @CFried12 right now. Send your questions with #RockiesTweet20 to @Rockies.

@JordyBond: Cfried, if someone kicked you in the shin, how would you retaliate?

@Rockies: Good one to start off with: RT @jordybond: If someone kicked me in the shin, it wouldn't hurt, I always have my trusty soccer shin guards on.

@RockNationCO: Christian Friedrich what was the first thing you did after you got the call to the Biggs?

@Rockies: First thing I did when I got the call to the Bigs was call my folks...then remembered to breathe.

@DanMohrmann: What kind of adjustment is there between the minors and MLB?

@Rockies: Biggest adjustment from minors to majors is staying calm and focusing on each individual pitch.

@B_Nasty3411: Why do you have "Bird" embroidered on your glove?

@Rockies: The "Bird" on my glove is a nickname from a HS coach after RHP Mark "Bird" Fidrych, due to our last names being similar.

@nictulin5: Favorite pitcher when you were growing up?

@Rockies: Favorite pitchers: Jack McDowell, because he was a White Sox and I grew up a Sox fan, and Barry Zito.

@BuffaloSports12: Do you enjoy the movie Airplane?

@Rockies: Any movie with Leslie Nielsen in it is an enjoyable film to watch. I love movies.

@_LishyMarie: What's your favorite thing about Denver?

@Rockies: Favorite thing about Denver: I like the big city but with a country feel. Similar to Chicago and Kentucky at same time.

@B_Nasty3411: Any other nicknames?

@Rockies: Other nickname: Lurch from college coach Elvis Dominguez. Are there any nicknames I don't know about?

@blakebomber: Is the snapdragon your favorite pitch to throw?

@Rockies: The snapdragon is the most exciting to throw. The fastball is the most important though.

@baseball_luv: What's @Chuck_Nazty really like on and off the field?

@Rockies: @Chuck_Nazty is the hardest worker I know. Realistically he's fun to be around because he's like Oscar the Grouch.

@Tulo_2: Christian, what do you do to strengthen your arm?

@Rockies: To strengthen my arm I do a lot of shoulder maintenance, swimming and not over-throwing. staying within myself.

@quahboy53: I see you're wearing #53. Any significance?

@Rockies: No significance to #53. I always wore #12 growing up, even though it's not really a pitchers number. #53 has been working though.

@Rockies: That's all I have time for now. Thank you #Rockies fans. You can follow me and keep the questions coming @CFried12...That ends our #RockiesTweet20 with LHP Christian Friedrich (@Cfried12). Thank you #Rockies fans and see you tonight at Coors Field.