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Tweet 20

Tweet 20
Andres Galaragga

@Rockies: The #BigCat is back for #RockiesTweet20, here we go!

@jfrank914: Did you take BP with the team? How did you do?

@Rockies: I did not take BP with the team today, but I know I could hit a lot of home runs.

@JorgeV_CR: Andres, my favorite Rockie of all time! Where have you been and what have you been up to all these years?

@Rockies: Not much, take it easy at home & spend time with my family. Play a lot of golf, I'm about a 5 handicap. Baseball has been very good to me, but you miss a lot in family so I love spending time with them.

@TeeLee53: So glad El Grande Gato is in town! What's your best memory from the '93 season?

@Rockies: Hard to pick 1. 81K people & running out to 1B was unbelievable. COL had been waiting lot of years to get MLB, fans are amazing.

@ToddCarlowitzki, @nuggetfan4life, n__alvarado13: Any interest in joining the Rockies in FO or hitting coach asst?

@Rockies: Not now. 1st thing is being a dad. I coach WBC, watch the game & support the players I know.

@JDirty303, @rockiesrule17, @G_A_R_B_S: What was the greatest play you were involved with as a Rockie?

@Rockies: Hard to pick 1 play, so I say winning the batting title. Baylor was influential for me.

@pb9479: How is it to see your old teammates now coaching the Rox now?

@Rockies: It's great to see Walt, Dante & Vinny as coaches. They know baseball, know how to win. The players are in good hands.

@RoxBBFan57: Who is your favorite player to watch now and why?

@Rockeis: Love watching Miguel Cabrera, the way he uses all fields. Hes great hitter, he listens & great person. So many good VZ players!

@TheShow2404: My favorite Big Cat homer was the monster third deck shot in Florida. What is your favorite home run?

@Rockies: The Miami HR too. They changed the distance so Mickey Mantle could have longer! Also when I hit 3 HR in one game in SD. And another special HR was my 1st home run after cancer in Atlanta, in 1st game back.

@almostmickey: Hey Andres! Was always a huge fan of yours. Will you be throwing out the first pitch today?

@Rockies: Yes! I'm looking forward to it. I made sure my arm is ready.

@Rockies: Time for two more questions, asked in Spanish, answered in English.

@ManuelMiguelC: Te arrepientes de no haber buscado, al menos un año más, el HR 400?

@Rockies: I tried to come back to hig HR #400 with Mets in 2005, but it was perfect time for me to retire bc of family. Chi-Chi Rodriguez said if you want to sell something, sell it for $399 not $400 so I'm ok with 399 HR. It's just one HR.

@Apuestas_MVP: Gato, como vez la carrera de miguel cabrera crees q se proyecta a ser el mejor jugador criollo en las mayors

@Rockies: Cabrera's gonna be the best hitter in MLB. Superstar as soon as he came to MLB, never stopped hitting. He listens, works hard.

@Rockies: #BigCat: I'm very happy to be here today. CO is very special to me & I love these fans. Thank you for being so good to me all these years.

@Rockies: Thanks for tuning into today's #RockiesTweet20. We have a couple Tweet 20s coming up this week so start tuned here!