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Tweet 20

Tweet 20 March 22 - 10 days to Opening Day:
Bill Geivett, senior vice president of scouting & player development/assistant general manager

@Rockies: Welcome to Tweet 20 with #Rockies Asst. GM Bill Geivett. Your questions answered shortly! Send them along to @Rockies or #RockiesTweet20.

@vinasanhu: What happened with Jorge de la Rosa. He has not pitched the last day. Will he ready for the Opening Day?

@Rockies: De La Rosa will be ready for Opening Day, he's slated for our No.2 spot in the rotation behind Jimenez.

Todd Lippert (via Facebook): What are the challenges that this team and organization face [as an organization that is 'draft and develop']?

Bill Geivett @Rockies: Our challenges are to consistently produce players at a championship caliber to go with Tulowitzki and Gonzalez.

Randy Porter (via Facebook): Say the Rockies make it to the playoffs and have to play the Phillies. How is the Rocks pitching staff going to match theirs?

@Rockies: Our team has to match up with their team, it's not a battle of pitching staffs.

@Okie_Son: What will be the team's biggest obstacle to overcome this season?

@Rockies: The biggest one we faced last year was injuries, we probably don't know our biggest obstacle for this season yet.

@Rockies: Our first one to overcome will be getting off to a good start in April. We've only had 1 winning April in Rockies history.

@850KOA: Who will be the back-up catcher on the opening day roster?

@Rockies: Right now it's still a competition between Jose Morales, Matt Pagnozzi and Jordan Pacheco.

@jgeib: Who is most likely to start opening day at 2B, Herrera or Lopez?

@Rockies: That's still undecided as well. Both look very good in camp, it's going to be a tough decision. Who's yours?

@jgeib: My vote is for Herrera- I like his speed both on offensive and defense and his numbers are solid, even showing a little power.

@Axellent33: Will Todd Helton be able to rebound and go back to his old self again? .300 20+HR?

@Rockies: Todd looks very good this Spring, he's healthy and ready to get the season started. He's hitting .355 this Spring.

@gregyoungjr: How is Maikol Gonzalez doing?

@Rockies: He's doing great in camp so far.

@Rockies_Fan: What are the chances of a trade that affects the 25 man, prior to opening day?

@Rockies: Trades can happen at any time. Right now we're pretty happy with our club as it stands now.

@Flickerbock: Are you hiring in the front office? I've got this resume just sitting hereĀ…

@Rockies: Send it to me! We don't have any positions right now but send it my way C/O: Bill Geivett at Coors Field.

@dkent08: ESPNFantasy warns of Huston Street landing on the DL. How healthy has he been looking thus far?

@Rockies: Huston has been healthy all camp. He's over any injury stuff he had last year. He's looking very good right now.

@Adam_Greenbaum: Which prospects are expected to make big transitions to the major leagues this year?

@Rockies: The leading candidates are the guys in ML camp right now, Rex Brothers and Jordan Pacheco.

@M_Arnone: Will we be seeing a long term contract for Ubaldo after this season if his performance is similar to last year?

@Rockies: I'll just say that we're always looking to keep our best players and Ubaldo is definitely one of them.

@Rockies: That's all we have for #RockiesTweet20 with #Rockies Asst. GM Bill Geivett. He's off to watch minor league games on the back fields.