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Tweet 20

Tweet 20

@JorgeV_CR: Welcome to the Rockies! What do you know about the organization?

@Rockies: I know that Coors Field is beautiful. The Rox AA club is in Tulsa, close to me. I've played there a couple of times this year.

@ginaindenver: What are the things you are going to start working on to prepare you for a Big League roster spot?

@Rockies: I'm always looking to get better & w/the help of the staff I'll be looking to become more consistent w/my performance.

@rockiesrule17: Was there a team you hoped to be drafted by?

@Rockies: Growing up in Okla I really did not have a fav. team. I could see myself anywhere but I'm very excited now to be a Rockie.

@McLovin1019: What advice do you have for kids trying to get to the level you just got to?

@Rockies: Never settle is what I would tell any young player. Never be content & every single day you need to find a way to get better.

@dalton_fallon: What do you look forward to most about being in the Rockies organization?

@Rockies: I'm looking forward to putting the Rockies uniform on and helping my team win.

Facebook Question: Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 10 years?

@Rockies: I see myself pitching in the Big Leagues at the top of the rotation and helping Colorado win a World Series.

Facebook Question: What was the scouting and draft process really like? Were you nervous?

@Rockies: Deep down I was nervous but now I'm relieved and ready for professional baseball.

Facebook Question: Besides your parents, who are some of the most important people to help you get to where you are today? Give them a shoutout!

@Rockies: Too many peopleĀ…in addition to my parents every coach I have had from LL to college has made an impact.

Facebook Question: How does it feel to be in the Rockies organization?

@Rockies: I think I fit real well with the organization and I'm excited to become a Rockie.