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Tweet 20

Tweet 20
Mark Gustafson

Rockies: Gustafson: Sorry I'm a little late fans, busy here with our draft prep. I'll get to some questions now, from Twitter & Facebook.

AvidRockiesFan: Besides Athleticism what's the most important characteristic that you look for in Scouting Players?

Rockies: For pitcher it is delivery & arm action. Position player: bat speed, running speed, arm strength & fielding ability.

JorgeV_CR: Mr. Gustafson, How important is personality and character in the scouting process?

Rockies: We spend tremendous amount of time, energy getting to know players as a person & teammate, get to know family & support group.

Rockies: James Smith (Facebook):Are you going to go more towards pitching or position players in the draft this year? It seems we have a very nice stock pile of good young hitters.

Rockies: FB question on need vs. position: This is balanced draft. We'll take best player available based on our scouting reports & stat analysis.

KadenEnriquez6: Do you interview parents and other people that are involved with a potential draftee's life?

Rockies: In a matter of speaking, yes. Spend great deal of time getting to know players, people in players lives. Relationships.

Version of Facebook questions: How long does it take to gauge the success of a draft and how do you define a successful?

Rockies: FB question on evaluting drafts: Successful draft is when player makes impact, with longevity at MLB level. Takes 3-5 years to determine.

ITRrockymtnhigh: If we select Kris Bryant, do we plan to move him to first base to replace Helton in future?

Rockies: Player Development, FO staff would give him PT needed to make that decision. Hes athletic enough to play diff positions.

McLovin1019: How long have you been scouting? What about a potential star catches your eye first?

Rockies: Been evaluating, developing, scouting players for 21 yrs. I look for athleticism, how he plays: energy, toughness, leadership.

Heisman9, avacadomc, xARob30: What are the main factors evaluated when selecting a pitcher to pitch here at altitude?

Rockies: For all pitchers, we are looking for strike-throwers with a pitch mix that induces ground balls.

Version of Facebook questions: How important is local talent and who are some of the local players who are on your radar?

Rockies: FB question on CO players:CO has depth in pro-type prospects. There's talent in our state & I expect several to be selected in this draft.

JNath_3: Rockies any juco players this year?

Rockies: Could be. Always on radar. We will always select best player available on our draft board based on talent & character.

Rockies: That's all the time I have for today, big day tomorrow. Thanks for following along & we're excited for our MLBDraft tomorrow.

Rockies: Tomorrow we'll have our 1st rd pick here for #RockiesTweet20, so ask him a question using the #RockiesTweet20 hashtag.