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Tweet 20

Tweet 20
Jonathan Herrera

How is rehab going?

@Rockies: Rehab is going very good. Today I ran and I feel less pain every day. Tomorrow I'm going to take some swings and hope everything goes well.

@jhllyonathan: Hi brother. Are you going to play with the Tribe this upcoming season?

@Rockies: My plan is to play with the Tribe, but sometimes things out of our control happen, so let's hope.

@OchoaOrgulloJ: How do you like Denver and what do you think of the fans?

@Rockies: Denver is beautiful and lively. The fans are great. They always support me, in good and bad times.

@Axellent33: Jonny, what do you think the Rockies need this season to become a playoff contender?

@Rockies: In order to become a playoff contender we need to be more consistent. It always comes down to that.

@brgutierrez5: What player do you tease the most and tease you the most?

@Rockies: @cargomedia5, Chacin, Tulo and I tease each other all the time, equally!

@Angelavasquez9: What's your favorite thing to do when you have a day off?

@Rockies: My favorite thing to do on my days off is to share them with my family. We spend time at the mall, mountains and parks in our area.

@ericyerd95: What's the hardest position on the infield to play for you, and what's the easiest, being a utility player?

@Rockies: There is no easy position to play, but my favorite is SS. Unfortunately that's taken.

@roxwalkoff: Do you like the nickname Sparkplug?

@Rockies: Yes I like the nickname "Sparkplug." I had to ask initially what that meant, but yes I am good with it!

@Annie2458424: Who is your favorite music artist?

@Rockies: My favorite music artist is Guaco. The music is soft to the ears, but makes you want to move.

@jordybond: What is your favorite dance move?