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Tweet 20

Tweet 20 March 29 - 3 days to Opening Day:
Ubaldo Jimenez, Pitcher

@Rockies: #Rockies Ubaldo ready now and answering questions. #RockiesTweet20

All questions typed by Ubaldo.

@cheryltweedy: Plantains or yucca?

@Rockies: Plantain for sure, that's what I eat every night... when I have my mom with me.

@MariaPiccolino: How is the new cutter coming along?

@Rockies: I'm still working on it Maria but is getting better and better everyday.

Ubaldo Jimenez @Jfreemyer: Is there a big different in pitching on Opening Day rather than the second or third game of the season?

@Rockies: It's a big diff. cuz Opening Day is like been in a playoff game and ST is long and we just can't wait for the season to start.

@BlairDanner33: What it is one thing that you like to do before games and practices?

@Rockies: I like to be quiet and focus, that's why I put my headphones on the whole time before I pitch. I play soft music at first and then I play some mean songs. Haha!

@IanWsmith3: Are there any young pitchers Rockies fans should watch out for in the next couple years?

@Rockies: Jason Hammel for sure, he hits the ball a long way, especially the golf balls. But he can't hit it in the game. Hahahhaah!

@tulowitzki2: Como que tu ase que tu braso es tan fuerte soy pelotero tambien QUE AGO PARA TENER EL BRASO FUERTE???? (What do you do to have such a strong arm? I am a player as well and want to know what I should do to strengthen my arm.)

@Rockies: Trabajo duro todo el tiempo, corro larga distancia y trabajo mucho en mis hombros y espalda en el gimnacio. (I work hard all the time; I run long distance and work a lot on my shoulders and back in the gym.)

@MariaPiccolino: What is your go-to pitch when you want a sure strike?

@Rockies: I love to throw the fastball, Maria, but when I'm pitching in sea level I use my curve.

@tulo92: Pitching wise, do you feel comfortable with your mechanics and the way you performed this spring?

@Rockies: I feel good with my mechanics, I can't change it, it's too late. Haha! Spring Training was good, I worked on everything I needed.

@MyLobotomy: What will you eat for breakfast before the Home Opener this year?

@Rockies: I don't like to get too full before I pitch, so I probably will eat a peanut butter sandwich and a glass of milk.

@JosSe_31: Cual crees tu que es tu mejor picheo? (What do you think is your best pitch?)

@Rockies: Mi rectaaaaa. Jajaja! (My recipeeeee. Hahaha!)

@Stock34: When you were little, who did you want to most be like? Did you want to be anything else other than a ball player?

@Rockies: I wanted to be like Pedro Martinez and before I started playing baseball I wanted to be a doctor.

@MyLobotomy: What is the fastest you've ever thrown a snow ball?

@Rockies: I haven't tried it but for sure I'd be able to do some damage. Hahaha!

@gorox1983: Ever hit a home run at any level????

@Rockies: I had hit tons of homeruns in Playstation 3. Hahaha!

@davidambecker: How happy were you when Jorge DLR decided to come back? And how do you think Esmil will do at the back of the rotation?

@Rockies: I got very happy when he told me, he is my brother from another motherÂ…I think Esmil is going to do good, he has lots of talent.

@nuggetsfan4life: How calm were you trying to be going through that no hitter?

@Rockies: I was telling myself not to think about it and just go and throw everything I have.

@Rockies: Thanks #Rockies fans. I have to go workout. See you on #OpeningDay.