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Tweet 20

Tweet 20 March 24 - 8 days to Opening Day:
Kevin Kahn, VP of Ballpark Operations and Chief Customer Officer

@Rockies: #Rockies Tweet 20 with VP/CCO Kevin Kahn begins NOW! #RockiesTweet20

@KCCAJohnson4: What do you have to do to get a job at Coors Field?

@Rockies: Applications are available in the Gate A lobby. Best time: January.

@guyindenver: Can I bring a stroller into Coors Field? BTW, I like the new purple crosswalks at 20th and Blake.

@Rockies: Yes, strollers can be checked at each gate. Thanks for noticing purple crosswalks!

Kevin Kahn @JulianValentin: Best new place to eat at Coors Field?

@Rockies: Don't know if there's a best place. Great options all around: ballpark food, Helton burger, Italian in new Wazee Market...

@NikkiLovesCO: Why is there no longer a "Paws in the Park" day where you can take your furry friend to a game?

@Rockies: Sorry. "Paws in the Park" is not scheduled this year, but it's something that we always consider.

@DebMiller: What are the new places to eat at the stadium?

@Rockies: Wazee Market is new, 3rd base line with Italian fare w/ brick pizza oven & Camarena Loft bar/lounge area (sect. 201/202)

@DanDiem: Anything different at Coors Field?

@Rockies: Redesigned concession stands at 119 & 139 for FanFare to help you get through lines faster & digital menu boards on Main Con.

@RockiesReview: How do I get a job with the Rockies?

@Rockies: Follow the "Job Opportunities" link on our website for #Rockies jobs. Gate A lobby for Coors Field jobs.

@CurtHorst: Heard the MRC was changed??

@Rockies: Always looking to add new technology: video boards at Mountain Ranch Club and Rockpile.

@JohnFrancis: Is the new Spring Training complex as good as everyone says?

@Rockies: The response has been overwhelmingly positive from players and fans; games selling out at Salt River FieldsÂ…Rockies and D-backs lead Cactus League in attendance.

@Garrett_Fitz: Can you describe the new tequila bar in right-center (seating, menu, etc.)?

@Rockies: Camarena Loft, sec. 201/202: sunset views, 10 flat screen TVs, table-top/bar seating, try the Rockies Nachos (specialty)!

@Rockies: TIME! #RockiesTweet20 with VP/CCO Kevin Kahn is over. Thanks for all who asked questions (some via Facebook today, too).

@Rockies: We'll be tweeting photos of these new areas next week so you can preview before coming to the ballpark this year!