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Tweet 20

Tweet 20 @Rockies: #Rockies fans, Jordan Pacheco is here and will be answering your questions for the next 20 minutes.

@TholeMoley: What's your favorite part about catching?

@Rockies: favorite part about being a catcher is being in every play

@babybluelover57: Will you marry me Jordan? ;)

@Rockies: if i said yes to that question i would have way too many ladies in my life to deal with.

@Rockies: INF/C Jordan Pacheco answering your questions on #RockieTweet20 [Photo of Jordan on the computer]

@LiefYoungs: Have any game day traditions so you have a
good game?

Jordan Pacheco @Rockies: it is very important on game day that i get my peanut butter and banana snack.

@WWEMaira: wats u fave type of music?

@Rockies: my favorite type of music is hip hop but it depends on my mood sometimes i like a good cry and listen to some country

@ColoSportSpaz: Hey Jordan, how difficult's the adjustment to everyone knowing your name? You're our favorite! :D

@Rockies: the good thing about some people knowing my name is that if i somehow forget it...i will have some people to remind me

@GayleTripp: who's your favorite spice girl babe

@Rockies: lol thanks gayle. my favorite spice girl is def posh

@newcamerolover: Checo! You were a YouTube sensation before a major league player - how was that broken bat homer? #Crazy4Checo

@Rockies: jim miller is in the house wondering if you guys need to ask him some questions...and the homer was awesome

@Roxgirl224: If you weren't playing baseball what would you be doing?

@Rockies: i would def be a professional sky diver..

@3bsmitty3: who has became your best friend since being called up by Rockies?

@Rockies: i would have to say my best bud on the team is rex brothers.

@Axellent33: Jordan, what's your best asset, speed, defense, contact or power? And, your role for next year?

@Rockies: My best asset i would say is my speed i have 3 stolen bases this year so i feel that's where i can help the team the most...i think being able to play all around the infield might be my best asset right now.

@bdeherrera: On a scale of 1-10, how much do you miss Bruce (Billings)? #bromance

@Rockies: hahahh that is a great question but i think he will miss me more

@btfanatic87: do you like going out down town and if you do, are fans starting to recognize you more?

@Rockies: actually there are a lot of good looking guys in our bullpen. i am not a one man kind of guy i love all my teammates...

@Miss_Lalalander: Favorite NBA player?

@Rockies: my favorite nba player right now danny granger from the pacers he is a lobo

@nikicheer3: in spirit of the rocky mountain showdown, CU or CSU?

@Rockies: i can't pick either one.. UNM lobo till i die

@Rockies: hey rocks follow my boy @wilinrosario. thanks for all the questions and all the support. see you at the games.