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Tweet 20

Tweet 20 @Rockies: #RockiesTweet20 with #MLB Commissioner Bud Selig begins now. Thank you for joining us Mr. Commissioner.

@aopro: How will having 15 teams in each league affect the schedule? Won't that necessitate having an interleague game every day?

@Rockies: RT @aopro: Yes. 15 teams in each league would necessitate Interleague Play every day but it will be better schedule overall

@cougs_16: What is MLB doing, if anything can be done, to help ensure the safety of players in VZ?

@Rockies: RT @cougs_16: Safetly of players in VZ is a tough issue. I'm very worried about Ramos & safety of players is always a concern & importance.

Bud Selig @ReggieD77: Will MLB consider expanding to 32 teams in the next 5-7 years?

@Rockies: RT @ReggieD77: No. While I'm Commissioner, MLB will not expand to 32 teams.

@KKValentin: What are some of the things you're considering to alter the draft format?

@Rockies: RT @KKValentin: For the draft we need worldwide draft selection and slotting for better equality and fairness.

@brianpkurz: Mr. Selig, what considerations are going into changing the playoff structure? Would expanded playoff be instituted in 2012?

@Rockies: RT @brianpkurz: Expanded playoffs would likely not happen until 2013. I'm very hopeful that will happen.

@markbrage: When will you eliminate the DH?

@Rockies: RT @markbrage: It will take catalytic event like realignment to eliminate DH. It doesn't bother me.

@LiefYoungs: How do we keep players honest about [performance-enhancing] drugs? Do we have random testing wake up calls at 6 am like other sports?

@Rockies: RT @LiefYoungs: Re. PEDs: Our system has worked & players are remarkably positive. We took a bad thing & made it into a good thing.

@ReggieD77: Will we see 15-15 realignment, moving Houston, Arizona, or Colorado to the AL West?

@Rockies: RT @ReggieD77: For 15/15 realignment, Houston would be the team moving to AL West. Would create more fairness in baseball.

@tulo92: In what ways by expanding the playoffs, will it affect the regular season?

@Rockies: RT @tulo92: For expanded playoffs, would be either be one game playoff or three-game series. Wouldn't be until 2013.

@Rockies: That's all for today's #RockiesTweet20. Thank you to #MLB Commissioner Bud Selig for your time.