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Tweet 20

Tweet 20 March 31 - 1 day to Opening Day:
Jim Tracy, Rockies Manager

@Rockies: #RockiesTweet20 with Jim Tracy starting right now. First, a little intro from the Skipper…When I accepted this job in 2009, I told the team, you all know how to be good, and you have showed that…Now what I'm asking is for you to show you are committed to doing the small things and focusing on details to become great.

@AtkinsNCarGofan: I enjoyed hearing about your time with Coach Karl of the Nuggets in ST. What philosophies do you two have in common?

@Rockies: Coach Karl and I have formed a great relationship over the last year or so and we share many philosophies...I would say the first of which would be that we both believe how important it is for a team to work as one... Which is certainly something you are seeing with his team now just down the road from us here.

@Axellent33: How come only Morales and De La Rosa as the only LHPs in the roster? Just 1 lefty in the pen?

Jim Tracy @Rockies: We also have Matt Reynolds as a lefty in the 'pen to join Franklin. De La Rosa is our lefty in the rotation.

@tulsarox: A couple guys showed off for you last night. Are u optimistic about the future with our talent on the farm?

@Rockies: From the moment I took this job in 2009 I have seen a great amount of talent in this organization…And that talent is a testament to our Scouting Driector Bill Schmidt, Asst. GM Bill Gievett and certainly Dan O'Dowd... And don't forget about the impact of our Latin American operations with Roland Fernandez.

@tulo92: How important is the bond between player and manager?

@Rockies: The bond I have with my players is something I always am conscious of and work hard at...The most important aspect is the respect, and the players here know how much I respect them and their talents.

@nuggetsfan4life: With the level of expectations this year with the Rockies do you see that as a distraction with the team?

@Rockies: No one has higher expectations of this team than we do.

@projectfreeism: I've heard rumors and high hopes for a playoff run this season. After Spring Training, should we at least take the NL West?

@Rockies: We have high goals this season, but all goals must start w/ first game. We aren't looking any further than tomorrow vs. ARI.

@Axcellent33: Lopez or Wiggy? Who will be regular 2B / everyday player?

@Rockies: We are fortunate to have great depth at many positions, which is again a testament to the work of our GM and his staff…Second base is one of our positions with great depth, and I expect whomever plays on a certain day to produce.

@JJJDUB228: What is the biggest key to the Rockies success this year?

@Rockies: The biggest key to our success will be our continued aggressive nature and our ability to keep moving forward with ST...We need to do much better with getting runners to home plate, as evidenced by our 58 1-run games last year... From a pitching standpoint we need to continue to stay consistent. And we need to continue to catch the ball.

@pennstatephil: What do you think a manager's most difficult job is?

@Rockies: The most challenging thing is keeping everyone on the same page and keeping everybody grounded to realize this is a team…My job is to put the right guys in the right situation and for everyone to realize I'm making that decision for the team.

@Rockies: Thanks #Rockies fans. Our workout is about to start and I have to go hit some grounders to #17. See you at Coors Field.