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Tweet 20

Tweet 20 March 26 - 6 days to Opening Day:
Troy Tulowitzki, Shortstop

@Rockies: #Rockies fans, start asking you questions for Tulo. He will be here shortly! #RockiesTweet20

@k_lov: What are your goals for this season?

@Rockies: Individually: goal is stay injury free w/ that numbers will take care of themselves. Team goal is to win World Series.

@pennstatephil: What do you enjoy most about playing ball for the Rockies?

@Rockies: As a whole the org. is very professional & I get to play with some of best people I have been around & great players

Troy Tulowitzki @VoteTULO: Are you really growing a #rattail for charity this season & did u sell the mullet clippings yet?

@Rockies: Yes the Rat tail rumor is true. It is for charity. The mullet clippings have not been sold yet.

@newcamarolover: What sealed the deal for staying with the Rockies till 2020? Was it the Tulo chant?

@Rockies: The Tulo chant didn't hurt. I felt something special was going on here.

@Nicknieslanik: Walk up song front runner?

@Rockies: It's narrowed down to four. Final song will be picked by fans @denverpost.

@paigetulowitzki: What would you say to athletes aspiring to be a successful professional athlete?

@Rockies: Nothing but hard work and being continually humbled throughout.

@BTroudt: Have you ever considered getting a Twitter account? It'd be a great way to interact with fans.

@Rockies: Yes I have considered it, but at this time being so focused on baseball there is no time for twitter. Follow @Rockies!

@matt_fenton: Who is your pick to win the NCAA Tournament?

@Rockies: Kansas was my pick from the beginning. But Kentucky is one that I have too.

@M_Arnone: What would you like to see as your win/loss record?

@Rockies: 162-0 would be nice, but I'll take whatever gets is in playoffs

@newcamarolover: What goes through your thoughts when you hear the chant?

@Rockies: The Tulo chant makes me want to perform that much more. It gets me pumped up.

@Nuggetsfan4life: Who on the team are you closest to?

@Rockies: I'm closest on the team to Ryan Spilborghs & Jason Giambi has taught me a great deal about the game.

@mlandcolrox: What brand & style are your sunglasses that you wear during day games?

@Rockies: The flip sunglasses i wear are Gargoyles.

@JustinHarned: Why did you pick #2 as a jersey number? (l love it BTW) #GoRockies

@Rockies: I picked #2 because Derek Jeter was my favorite player growing up.

@AVaujhan: What did it mean to you to have the long term contract commitment from the #Rockies?

@Rockies: The long term commitment showed a great deal of trust on both sides.

@Chris18Shine: What's ur favorite part about Colorado?

@Rockies: May favorite part about Colorado is Rockies fans continuing to support the team and me.

@afa4746: I am new to baseball, but since I came to USA, I became a huge Rockies fan, what do you like the most about the baseball?

@Rockies: I like being able to compete against the world's best players each and every day.

@Roninanalyst: My wife & I drove done from Vegas to see games today and tomorrow. She has cancer & the Rox have brought her much joy. Thanks!

@Rockies: That's great to hear. That's what drives me each and every day to bring people joy. Best wishes to you & your wife.

@chickenpants66: If you weren't playing baseball you would be...?

@Rockies: If I wasn't playing baseball I would want to be a police man or a community leader of some sort.

@Mixedtapegurl: What's with your at bat songs? I keep thinking there must be an inside joke here or something. Please offer some insight!

@Rockies: No joke at all. A few screws are loose.

@tonys2cents: What kind of role does your faith play into your baseball career?

@Rockies: Baseball is the game I play, it's really not who I am. I always keep my faith strong.

@ryandarbonne: Phil Collins or Michael Bolton?

@Rockies: I can feel it coming in the air tonight...

@MeganHargadine: Do you have a Facebook? If not someone is SERIOUSLY impersonating you!

@Rockies: I have no Facebook or social media anything.

@newcamarolover: What did you think of Salt River fields? It's a beautiful faculty, but some older fans miss Tucson.

@Rockies: Salt River Fields is incredible. It's made Spring go by very fast. It's the best in baseball.

@M_Arnone: On a scale of 1 to 10 how hard is it to hit off Jimenez?

@Rockies: If 10 is hard, Ubaldo is an 11.

@Rockies: Thanks #Rockies fans I have to go hit in the cages and workout for a bit. See you soon out at Coors Field.