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Tweet 20

Tweet 20

@Rockies: #RockiesTweet20 with Larry Walker begins now!

@AvidRockiesFan: I've heard you were a very superstitions as a player. What was your biggest superstition & why did you have it?

@Rockies: Biggest superstition prob 3 swings in on-deck circle. That was most consistent. Sometimes 6 or 9 if needed extra.

@matthendy307: Did you take more pride in your hitting or fielding?

@Rockies: Honestly, all phases of game & like to think I did all well at same time: hitting, running, fielding, throwing out runner.

@warhawks_8: What do you do now you're retired?

@Rockies: Spend time with my 3 daughters, golf, fish, travel. That's about it.

@aepigg: "Larrrryyy Waaaallllkkkkeerrrr!" The sound of his name being announced rings in my head from years ago!! #legendinmybook

@Rockies: Thanks. That's cool. Loved playing in CO: when ballpark's full is when baseball is the best. That's why I wanted to play here.

@__wyn__: Do you own a "Royker" jersey?

@Rockies: Yes I do. Grew up @NYIslanders fan bc Mike Bossey.

@rockiesrule17: Mr. Walker, do you remember any embarrassing bloopers on the field that you were a part of?

@Rockies: Knew someone would ask that. Glad I could give ball to kid with 2 outs. Actually Sebastian Napier took it out of my hand.

@TeeLee53, @tgriff33: Welcome back 33!!! How did you become a fan of the magic number 3, and is it still your lucky #?

@Rockies: Before number 3 superstition, used to carve GF's initials in dirt then she dumped me. Needed to find something new.

@mclovin1019: What would happen in game btwn #Rockies of yesterday ('90s) & today's Rox?

@Rockies: We'd probably win 17-2.

@dolds2, @Mile_High_Adam: Are there any specific games playing for the Rockies that are really memorable?

@Rockies: Personal moment/milestone: MVP award; Team memory: 1995 Wild Card [clinching] game [against the Giants] bc of bigtime team effort, great group.

@RockiesScoop: Who was your best friend on the Rockies? Why?

@Rockies: Not Rockies, but bunch of good friend, esp. early teammates: Mark Gardner, John Vander Wal, Tim Wallach, etc.

@JMar254, @sethjones17: [Referencing the photo above, which was tweeted during the conversation] Is the velvet rope to protect Larry from staff or staff from Larry?

@Rockies: Velvet rope is not awkward! Just worked out this way, but it's there for a bit of both, protection both ways.

@S_Larson_15: What's your best advice to someone who wants to play in the big leagues some day?

@Rockies: Advice to be successful: don't give up. I grew up in small town, played 15 games/summer, worked hard, fought through adversity.

@pb9479: How does it feel to come back to town?

@Rockies: Great to be back in CO. Making drive to park this AM, was thinking abt prepping for game, pitcher. Fans here are great!

@Rockies: Thanks for the questions & support, great to be back here in CO! You can follow me at @Cdnmooselips33. Throwing a strike 1st pitch today!