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Rockies Ticket Transfer -- Make the best use of your tickets, even if you can't make a certain game

Rockies Tickets Exclusively for Season Ticket Holders! Rockies Season Ticket Holders now have an exclusive, convenient new feature -- the option of electronically transferring their Rockies Season Tickets to another person. That person has the option to either pick them up at Will Call or use the print-at-home feature for instant delivery.

If you have your Account Number and Password,

The "Ticket Transfer" feature for your Rockies Full Season Plan outlined here is part of a new program designed to make managing your Rockies season ticket account easier.

Log on to your Rockies Account to get started.

Access Your Personal Account Today
  1. Log on to your personal account with your Account Number and Password.
    Call the Season Ticket Hotline at (303) 312-2222 if you do not know your Account Number or Password.
  2. Start managing your tickets online - it's that easy!

If you have not previously linked your season ticket holder account and PIN to an online account,
click here »

Transfer Your Tickets
Follow these easy steps to transfer your tickets:
    1) Sign in to your account by clicking the green button above using your account and password.
    2) Click the "My Account" link from the subsequent page's top navigation.
    3) On the following page, click "Transfer Tickets or Cancel Transfers"
    4) Select the game for which you want to transfer tickets.
    5) Click "Transfer"
    6) Click the check box next to the actual ticket(s) you want to transfer.
    7) Enter the recipient's information.
    8) Enter payment information.
    9) Verify the recipient's information.
    10) Transfer your tickets.
You'll receive an e-mail confirmation for your records.