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Spring Training Group Tickets

From a fully catered buffet with your closest friends, to luxury seating or seats adjacent to the field that are perfect for seeking autographs, there's a group seating package at Spring Training designed specifically to meet your needs.

Buy Group Tickets

Seat Location Group Pricing
Group Pricing
Weekend Premier
Home Plate Box
$37 $42
Dugout Field Box
$32 $37
Infield Box
$22 $27
Baseline Field Box
$21 $26
Baseline Reserved
$10 $15
$7 $12
All You Can Eat Bullpen Patio
$32 $37
Eighteen|76 Legends Deck
$26 $57*
Suite (8 tickets, 4 SRO)
$400 $500

* Eighteen|76 Legends Deck is all-inclusive of food and non-alcoholic beverages at Weekend Premier games.

Group Seating
Group Seating

Groups of 15 or more enjoy a $2 discount off advanced pricing while enjoying the game together. Groups have the opportunity to sit together and see their name in lights when we welcome them to the ballpark on our gigantic video screen during the game.

Group Outing Quick Facts
Group Size: 15 or more
Ticket Price: $2 discount off advanced pricing
Includes: Free parking, entire group gets to sit together. Group welcome message on scoreboard.