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10/14/07 7:55 PM ET

Rockies bring back good-luck charms

Air Force Tech Sergeants called on to sing anthem again

DENVER -- Maybe there's a method behind the madness of the Rockies' 19-out-of-20 run.

Air Force Tech Sergeants Julie Bradley and Victoria Cronsell sang the national anthem on Sunday at Coors Field before Game 3 of the National League Championship Series. The Rockies' record when Bradley and Cronsell perform this season: undefeated, including last Saturday's series-clinching victory against the Phillies.

Is that why they keep asking them to come back?

"No. I think they like the uniform," Bradley said.

Cronsell added, "They kind of have a military theme going, but why mess up a good thing when it's happening?"

Cronsell and Bradley were joined on the field by the Denver Sheriffs Department and Little Fire and Rescue presenting the colors. Also in attendance for Sunday's game were Denver mayor John Hickenlooper, former mayor Willington Webb and senator Ken Salazar.

Sunday marked the Rockies' first NLCS home game in franchise history, and Cronsell and Bradley both said it was the biggest game they had ever performed.

They weren't worried about rainy weather during the pregame festivities, only their nerves.

"Always nervous," said Bradley, who said she remembered being just as nervous during her first performance at a basketball game in high school. Cronsell, like the Rockies, wasn't fazed by the big-game atmosphere. "It's always the same," she said. "I don't care if it's like a chief retiring. It's always the same for me. There's no difference no matter who it's in front of."

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