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11/30/10 7:38 PM EST

Tulo chats with fans following big extension

Rockies shortstop Troy Tulowitzki participated in a live Web chat with fans on Tuesday. He answered many questions, including his thoughts about his new contract extension, his offseason goals and how he is looking forward to Spring Training and the 2011 season.

Joe_Zinkann: Congrats on the new contract!

Troy_Tulowitzki: Thank you very much. I am excited to be a Colorado Rockie.

rockiesjohn: Troy, you were picked seventh overall in the 2005 Draft. What was that like? Did you think you would be picked that high?

Troy_Tulowitzki: You work so hard your whole life -- to finally get drafted was a dream come true. My freshman year at [Long Beach State] I didn't know where I would get picked, but by my junior year, I had a good idea of where I might go. I am glad I landed where I did.

josyah: How do you physically feel at the end of the season after playing so many games?

Troy_Tulowitzki: It's definitely a long season, and playing shortstop makes it so much tougher. I do get worn down, but playoffs can re-energize you very quick.

braverockiesgirl1: Troy, you have already accomplished so many great things as a Rockie. What achievement are you most proud of and are there any other milestones you are particularly looking forward to in your newly extended career with the Rockies?

Troy_Tulowitzki: The goal is to reach the World Series every year. Reaching the World Series in my first year is my greatest accomplishment. Individually, I strive to be the best player in the game.

roxfan08: What are your goals for the offseason this year?

Troy_Tulowitzki: Continue to try to get better in every aspect of my game. Work hard on a daily basis, and I never take anything for granted.

bravesfan155: Looking back, is there one player in particular that was an inspiration for you?

Troy_Tulowitzki: For me, it was always Derek Jeter.

wille777: Troy, we are proud to have you as our guy here for the next decade. What was the first conversation you had with a teammate when your deal was announced?

Troy_Tulowitzki: Todd Helton was the first teammate I talked to about it, and he immediately told me that I am paying for everything.

frogrbert: Tulo! Are you excited to be staying in Colorado for a while?

Troy_Tulowitzki: Yeah, I am very excited. I love playing in Colorado. Signing this deal shows that I am excited to be here and play here for the rest of my career.

bravesfan155: You had a record-setting two weeks in early September where you joined Albert Belle and Barry Bonds as the only players to homer 14 times in 15 games. What do you contribute that hot streak to? Was there something that clicked for you?

Troy_Tulowitzki: Mostly our video guy Jimmy Hartley. But really, baseball is a game that you need to ride streaks out, and that was one that I tried to ride for a long time -- really, that's it. Nothing different.

jmurph72: Hey Troy. Would like to thank you for the commitment you have made to the team and the state. What is one aspect of your game that you would like to see improve in the 2011 season?

Troy_Tulowitzki: Thank you. I'd like to get 100 RBI for the first time in my career. But most importantly, I want to go to the playoffs and compete for a World Series.

purpleseat: Being a career player, you'll surely have the chance to set some franchise records. Is there one in particular you'd like to go after?

Troy_Tulowitzki: Most playoff games played by a Rockies player. That's my number one record to set.

rockies02: What is your offseason routine? Will you be doing anything different after such a successful 2010 season?

Troy_Tulowitzki: Nothing too different for me. But this year I have a few Rockies Minor League players coming in to work out with me. I'm looking forward to that.

goose19: Have you taken a trip to see the new Spring Training digs? You must be anxious to get to Spring Training and start getting ready for 2011.

Troy_Tulowitzki: I am very anxious to see the new facility. I have not yet been to it, but have seen the plans, and they look great. I am very excited to get to Scottsdale in the Spring.

e_gossage: Troy, congrats on a great season! What means the most to you? The Gold Glove or the Silver Slugger?

Troy_Tulowitzki: Thank you. For me, it's the Gold Glove. I can't wait to get the award.

dewdrop05: How does it feel to basically be a Rockie for the rest of your career?

Troy_Tulowitzki: I am thrilled to be in a Rockies uniform for the rest of my career. This is where I want to play. Nowhere else.

Troy_Tulowitzki: Thank you to everyone for participating. Get ready for the 2011 season. Hope to see you all out at Coors Field!

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