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7/17/2014 12:19 P.M. ET

Monfort talks Rockies issues in radio interview

Team owner: I 'wasn't as sensitive as I should have been' in emails

PITTSBURGH -- Rockies owner, chairman and CEO Dick Monfort said he will always be accessible to fans, but he "wasn't as sensitive as I should have been" in two recent emails.

In an interview on Wednesday on Rockies Radio Network flagship 850 KOA-AM with longtime Denver sports media personalities Dave Logan and Susie Wargin, Monfort also discussed the Rockies, who are 40-55 at the All-Star break and fourth in the National League West.

Below are some of the topics addressed by Monfort.

On his dealings with fans, including two email exchanges last week:

"Maybe there's more than what I know, but I've always made a practice for a long time of answering every email that's sent my way. If somebody calls me, if someone wants to sit down with me, I do that all the time.

"I want to be transparent. I want people to know me. I'm not a bad person. I probably have answered this year 500 emails, and there were a couple responses that, to be quite honest, I wasn't as sensitive as I should've been and should have explored more than what I did. … I guess my biggest problem is I do try to be open and honest with people.

"There was one email that got a lot of talk that I said Denver doesn't deserve a team. I truthfully don't remember ever saying that, I don't even recall why I would say that. But anyway, I apologized anyway, because if I said something that even insinuated that, I was wrong."

On executive vice president, chief baseball officer and general manager Dan O'Dowd, who was hired as GM after the 1999 season, and the criticism O'Dowd has taken for a team that's had four winning seasons and two playoff appearances:

"When I'm judging a man, I'm judging him by his whole job.

"Unfortunately, in this business, everything is based off wins and losses, and I get that. I'm not saying that's not what he should be judged off. But just from what I see, with all of the other GMs, they have committees in Major League Baseball about issues within the game, [and O'Dowd] is front and center on those committees. [O'Dowd] and John Hart, who everybody highly respects -- an MLB Network guy [who] built those great teams in Cleveland. It hasn't happened here.

"People say, 'Replace the GM.' OK, that's easily said. But you've got to have a person that in your mind will do you a better job."

On who's responsible for the record:

"You would have to say it's [Rockies senior vice president of Major League operations and assistant GM] Bill Geivett. He's responsible for the Major League team. Now, the talent that gets into the Major League team, [that] is the responsibility of scouting and development."

On whether all decision-makers will return next year:

"That's a decision we make later. I still stand by the job that everybody does. There's a lot more to this than what meets the eye. The bottom line to the fans, the bottom line to the sportswriters and everybody else is wins and losses. That's what we've got to get better at."

On whether winning is his bottom line:

"Oh, absolutely. People think I don't want to win. First of all, I'm competitive. Financially, since everybody knows how greedy I am and how much money I make, think about how much money I'd make if we won a World Series. We want to win. I want to win because I'm passionate about the game. I'm passionate about Denver. I want to be on a winning team. I want to hoist that trophy again. That's why I want to win. I want to win, and because the citizens of this city and this state deserve it."

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