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Front Office Directory

  • Ownership Group

    Linda G. Alvarado
    Alvarado Construction, Inc.
    Marne Obernauer Jr.
    Breakthru Beverage Group
    The Denver Post, LLC
    SAMT Sports 2013 LLC
  • Executive Officers

    Richard L. Monfort
    Owner/Chairman & Chief Executive Officer
    Charles K. Monfort
    Owner/General Partner
    Jeff Bridich
    Senior Vice President & General Manager
    Gregory D. Feasel
    Executive Vice President/Chief Operating Officer
    Harold R. Roth
    Executive Vice President/Chief Financial Officer & General Counsel
    Jill Campbell
    Vice President - Communications & Marketing
    Rolando Fernandez
    Vice President - International Scouting and Development
    Kevin H. Kahn
    Vice President/Chief Customer Officer - Ballpark Operations
    James P. Kellogg
    Vice President - Community & Retail Operations
    Michael J. Kent
    Vice President - Finance
    Sue Ann McClaren
    Vice President - Ticket Sales, Operations & Services
    Walker Monfort
    Vice President - Corporate Partnerships
    William E. Schmidt
    Vice President - Scouting
    Elizabeth E. Stecklein
    Vice President - Human Resources
  • Executive Office

    Terry Douglass
    Executive Assistant to the Owner/Chairman & Chief Executive Office
  • Baseball Operations

    Adele Armagost
    Assistant to the Senior Vice President & General Manager
    Danny Montgomery
    Special Assistant to the General Manager
    Mark Wiley
    Director - Pitching Operations
    Zack Rosenthal
    Assistant General Manager - Baseball Operations
    Domenic Di Ricco
    Manager - Baseball Operations
    Trevor Patch
    Manager - Baseball Research and Development
    Hank Cole
    Systems Developer - Baseball Research and Development
    Evan Eshleman
    Analyst - Baseball Research and Development
    Jamie Hollowell
    Data Architect - Baseball Research and Development
    Kerry Sheldon
    Web Developer - Baseball Research and Development
    Zach Wilson
    Senior Director - Player Development
    Chris Forbes
    Manager - Player Development
    Jeff Nelson
    Coordinator - Minor League Video/Baseball Operations Assistant
    Jesse Stender
    Coordinator - Minor League Operations
    Marc Gustafson
    Senior Director - Scouting Operations
    Damon Iannelli
    Assistant Scouting Director
    Matthew Obernauer
    Coordinator - Scouting Research/Staff Counsel
    Irma Castañeda
    Assistant - Scouting/Baseball Operations
    Jon Weil
    Assistant General Manager - Player Personnel
    Ty Coslow
    Special Assistant - Player Personnel
    Chris Warren
    Advance Scout
    Joe Little
    Assistant Advance Scout
    Paul Egins
    Director - Major League Operations
    Tom Probst
    Senior Director - Medical Operations & Special Projects
    Gabe Bauer
    Director - Physical Perfomance
    Mike Jasperson
    Coordinator - Major League Physical Performance
    Aaron Munoz
    Major League Operations Assistant/Bullpen Catcher
    Keith Dugger
    Head Athletic Trainer
    Scott Gehret
    Assistant Athletic Trainer
    Mike Pontarelli
    Manager - Major League Clubhouse
    Tyler Sanders
    Coordinator - Major League Clubhouse
    Tyler Hines
    Culinary Nutritionist
    Raymond Dominguez
    Food Services Coordinator - Baseball Operations
    Alan Bossart
    Manager - Clubhouse Purchasing/Visiting Clubhouse
    Brian Jones
    Video Coordinator
  • Business Operations

    Kimberly Olson
    Assistant to the Executive Vice President/Chief Operating Officer
  • Ballpark Operations

    Lenus Lucero
    Assistant to the Vice President/Chief Customer Officer - Ballpark Operations
    Albert Valdes
    Senior Director - Food Service Operations & Development
    Marty DeRosier
    Ballpark Services & Events Coordinator
    Steven Burke
    Senior Director - Guest Services
    Brian Schneringer
    Manager - Guest Services
    Sandy Seta
    Manager - Guest Services
    Steve Wierenga
    Supervisor - Guest Services
    Emma D'Orazio
    Assistant - Guest Services
    Greg Sexton
    Director - Security
    Mark Razum
    Head Groundskeeper
    Jon Larson
    Assistant Head Groundskeeper
    Douglas Zabinsky
    Groundskeeping Assistant
    Adam Steward
    Groundskeeping Assistant
    Allyson Gutierrez
    Senior Director - Engineering and Facilities
    Randy Carlill
    Director - Engineering
    Dan "Oly" Olsen
    Director - Facilities
    Colleen McBride
    Engineering Administrator
    Isaiah Bachicha
    Maintenance Mechanic
    Donny Gerber
    Maintenance Mechanic
    Scott Magennis
    Manager - Audio & Video
    Daniel Abe
    Engineer - Audio & Video
    Drew Wagner
    Engineer - Audio & Video
    Anthony Cowell
    Manager - Engineering
    Matthew Bensko
    Richard Cordova
    Gilbert Hernandez
    James Leflar
    Jeff Olson
    Ernest Sandoval
    Madora Stauffer
    David Turley
    Mark Young
    Mike Bush
    Senior Director - Information Systems
    Bill Stephani
    Senior Technology Advisor
    Matt Stack
    Manager - Information Systems
    Jeff Von Feldt
    Voice/Network Administrator
    Luella Ozawa
    Help Desk Coordinator
  • Communications & Marketing

    Warren Miller
    Director - Communications
    Cory Little
    Coordinator - Communications
    Nick Parson
    Coordinator - Communications
    Abby Thayer
    Assistant - Spanish Translator/Communications
    Julian Valentin
    Assistant Director - Digital Media & Publications
    Lauren Jacaruso
    Assistant - Social Media & Publications
    Sarah Topf
    Editor/Designer - Communications & Marketing
    Erin Shneider
    Coordinator - Communications & Marketing
    Matt Dirksen
    Team Photographer
  • Community & Retail Operations

    Kelly Hall
    Assistant to the Vice President - Community & Retail Operations
    Dallas Davis
    Assistant Director - Community Affairs
    Antigone Vigil
    Manager - Community Affairs
    Paul Parker
    Manager - Community Affairs/Club Historian
    Aaron Heinrich
    Director - Retail Operations
    David Beckel
    Manager - Authentics Program, Coors Field
    Kristi Stehlik-Baxter
    Area Manager - Retail Operations
    Michael Ryan
    Manager - Rockies Dugout Store, Littleton
    Tina Kopp
    Manager - Rockies Dugout Store, FlatIron Crossing
    Megan Roberts
    Manager - Rockies Dugout Store, Aurora and Colorado Springs
    Robin Rollins
    Manager - Rockies Dugout Store, Greeley
    Steve Tomlinson
    Manager - Coors Field Receiving and Distribution Center
  • Corporate Partnerships

    Nicole Scheller
    Assistant to the Vice President - Corporate Partnerships
    Kari Anderson
    Director - Client Services, Corporate Partnerships
    Kate Bakarich
    Coordinator - Client Services, Corporate Partnerships
    Amy Gomez
    Coordinator - Corporate Partnerships
    Nathan VanderWal
    Senior Account Executive - Corporate Partnerships
    Samuel Porter
    Account Executive - Corporate Partnerships
    Chris Zumbrennen
    Account Executive - Corporate Partnerships
    Kent Krosbakken
    Director - In-Game Entertainment & Broadcasting
    Paul Borger
    Motion Graphics Artist - RockiesVision
    Jeff Donehoo
    Editor/Producer - RockiesVision
    Kyle Woodiel
    Videographer/Editor - RockiesVision
    Beverly Coleman
    Assistant - Promotions, Special Events & Broadcasting
    Reed Saunders
    Public Address Announcer
    Jason Fleming
    Director - Promotions & Special Events
    Alex Hill
    Coordinator - Promotions & Special Events
    Katie Shepard
    Coordinator - Promotions & Special Events
    Emily Willson
    Coordinator - Promotions & Special Events
    Brady O'Neill
    Supervisor - Promotions & Special Events
    Justin Roe
    Mascot Coordinator
  • Human Resources

    Melanie James
    Human Resources Administrator
  • Ticket Sales, Operations & Services

    Jeff Benner
    Senior Director - Season Tickets, Renewals & Business Strategy
    Farrah Magee
    Assistant Director - Season Tickets
    Sara Bergerson
    Season Ticket Representative - Data Development
    Ryan Wetterich
    Season Ticket Representative - Customer Engagement
    Kent Hakes
    Senior Director - Ticket Services, Finance & Technology
    Kevin Flood
    Assistant Director - Ticket Operations
    Scott Nixon
    Manager - Ticket Operations
    Ashley Schultz
    Representative - Ticket Operations
    Michelle Timmons
    Representative - Ticket Operations
    Becky Arrieta
    Supervisor, Ticket Technology
    Joe Mitchell
    Assistant - Ticket Finance/Analytics
    Josh Rickey
    Representative - Ticket Technology
    James Valdez
    Manager - Ticket Services
    John Dickson
    Representative - Ticket Services
    Matt Haddad
    Senior Director - Groups, Suites & Outbound Sales
    Grayson Beatty
    Manager - Inside & Outbound Sales
    Reuben Donnelly
    Supervisor - Group Sales
    Hannah Browne
    Account Executive - Group Sales
    Daniel Murphy
    Account Executive - Group Sales
    Becky Naccarato
    Coordinator - Group Sales
    Traci Abeyta
    Manager - Suites & Party Facilities
    Andy Finley
    Supervisor - Suite & Party Facility Operations
    Ryan Keeler
    Representative - Suites & Party Facilities
    Todd Thomas
    Senior Account Executive - Outbound Sales
    Andrew Finney
    Account Executive - Outbound Sales
    Justin Bennett
    Senior Account Executive - Inside Sales
    Adam Ritter
    Account Executive - Outbound Sales
    Tyler Starkey
    Account Executive - Outbound Sales
    John Swenson
    Account Executive - Outbound Sales
    Danielle Brooks
    Assistant - Inside and Outbound Sales
  • Finance

    Tammy Vergara
    Assistant to the Executive Vice President/Chief Financial Officer & General Counsel
    Gary Lawrence
    Senior Director - Procurement
    Gloria Giraldi
    Coordinator - Procurement
    Marat Biyashev
    Business Intelligence Analyst
    Phil Emerson
    Senior Director - Accounting
    Joel Binfet
    Laine Campbell
    Juli Daedelow
    Payroll Administrator
    Brandon Krueger
    Payroll Assistant