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Pups in the Park

Pups in the Park Fan of the Game

Back by "Pup"ular Demand!

Purchase a discounted ticket for you, your family and you favorite family pet and support the Washington Humane Society. $10 of every dog ticket purchased will benefit the Washington Humane Society.

  • All those with tickets purchased for Pups in the Park must enter through the RIGHT FIELD GATE.
  • Before entering the gate you must drop off a signed waiver form for your dog's up to date shots and vaccinations. All Pups in the Park attendees must print, sign and bring the Waiver Form with them to Nationals Park.
  • You can then proceed to the Family Picnic Area near section 143. No dogs will be allowed in other concession areas or the ballpark. You may leave your dog in the seats with your guest or with the "Pet Sitters" located on the landing area.

Seats are limited so get tickets for you and your dog today!

Nationals Park is located at 1500 South Capitol Street SE, directly off the Navy Yard-Green Line Metro stop. For parking information, please visit

Click on the 'Buy Tickets' button below to get your ticket discount.

For groups of 13 or more, please contact or call 202.640.7649.

Pricing (Outfield Reserved)

$26Owner Ticket (Outfield Reserved section 140-143)
$10Dog Ticket (proceeds benefit the Washington Humane Society)

Game Dates

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Ticket brokers are not eligible for this offer.

Pups in the Park


You are responsible for your dog's behavior at the event. Watch your dog for signs of stress that can lead to inappropriate behavior at all time.

Watch for and signs of stress in your dog that could lead to confrontational behavior:

  • Tail straight up and stiff, staring at other dogs.
  • Hair raised on their backs
  • Lip licking and avoidance of other dogs or people.
  • Repetitive stress signals like yawning, heavy panting, or lip licking.

During dog interactions keep an active attention on your dog, watch for body language that could indicate anxiety or stress.

When Humans Greet Dogs:

  • Greet the owner first and ask the owner if it is OK to greet their dog
  • Ask the dog if he would like to meet you, pat your leg and call him over. Do not approach dogs that are not interested in meeting you.
  • Do not offer food to a dog other than your own without the owner's permission.

When Dogs Greet Dogs:

  • Dogs sniff each other - this is a universal and appropriate way for them to greet.
  • If both dog are showing relaxed and calm body language, allow your dog to sniff and be sniffed by others.
  • If your dog is avoidant of other dogs or is uncomfortable with being sniffed and approached by stranger-dogs he may not enjoy an outing to the park!